Exhaust Duct Fan Cleaning Services

Exhaust Duct Fan

Did you know that the exhaust duct, exhaust fans, and ventilation system in your kitchen/building all work together?

These works together to keep the air within your establishment clean, clear, and safe. Dust, grease & heat- all get evacuated from your kitchen/building when your exhaust duct system is working correctly, leaving the air contaminant-free.

Without a routine maintenance and duct cleaning program, your ducts might soon become filthy and clogged. It can pollute the air that you, your employees, and your customers breathe.

There are other less visible dangers associated with it. Unwanted oil and moisture can encourage the growth of mold and germs & cause fire. 

In Australia the the health and safety of human is so important & hence duct cleaning and maintenance is required by the legislation.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services of exhaust duct at Metropolitan Air Filtration

To guarantee compliance in accordance with the Australian standards, our established cleaning procedures remove grease and combustible residues from the inner surfaces of the canopy hood, filters, ductwork, and exhaust fans. A proof-of-performance decal/sticker is placed on the canopy hood canopy when the cleaning process is completed.

We recognize the necessity of kitchen duct cleaning at Metropolitan Air Filtration & reiterate that your commercial kitchen will not  function properly unless the essential duct cleaning work is completed.

Professionally Cleaning Of Exhaust system in melbourne

We do perform a thorough exhaust duct cleaning service to remove both obvious filthy and harmful grease, fat, debris build-up that are unseen to the naked eye.

With Metropolitan Air Filtration

When you engage Metropolitan Air Filtration, you will feel confident that your exhaust ducts are being looked after by trained, skilled and reliable technicians. 

Why Exhaust Fan Duct Cleaning Is Important?

Exhaust fans in commercial kitchens must be cleaned regularly & should be fully grease-free and cleaned down to the bare metal.

Whether it’s exhaust canopy hood or the exhaust duct, they both can accumulate a lot of oil/fat/grease over time (especially the hotels, cafes, and busy restaurants with all-day use). This build-up of oil & grease is a serious fire hazard, and it only takes one flame to start a fire.

Do not wait for this situation to occur, instead, contact our skilled exhaust duct technicians, who will arrive within 12-24 hours, or sooner if necessary. 

Benefits Of Exhaust duct & Fan Cleaning from Us

You should not have to worry about anything when you contact us to clean your exhaust ducts and fans. Following are the benefits which can be achieved once the cleaning is complete.

·       Much higher health-care standards

·    Reduce fire danger.

·    Compliant with local and federal fire and health requirements.

·    Improved ventilation for smoke and odour elimination.

·    Increased energy efficiency.

·    Reduced product contamination and a cleaner working environment.

range of Cleaning Services We Offer

The following are some of the features of our premier commercial kitchen cleaning service:

·       Canopy cleaning.

·       Filter replacement as per the required frequency.

·       A thorough cleaning of all accessible duct work.

·       A detailed clean of your exhaust fan & extraction outlet.

Why Choose Metropolitan Air Filtration? 

Every cleaning and maintenance business claims to be the finest, but at Metropolitan Air Filtration we certainly are  & we have got the knowledge, commitment, and professionalism to back our claim up.

 Your complete satisfaction is our main objective, and our pledge to you is that we will not stop working until you are completely satisfied. We are passionate about what we do because we believe it makes the world a safer, healthier, and far more pleasant place for individuals to thrive every day.