The COVID 19 surge is upon us. Everywhere we look, we only find people who are tested positive with the novel coronavirus. Do you know that recent research performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has claimed that droplets of COVID 19 can stay airborne for a good 10-15 minutes? That’s the amount of time your HVAC unit will take to absorb the particles into the duct system and infect other connected rooms with the virus.

Are you afraid of a COVID 19 spread within your facility? It’s time you get a powerful disinfectant for your HVAC units to ensure the air quality in your room remains germ-free. 

We provide the best decontamination and sanitization services in the industry. During this pandemic, our first objective is to assist stop the virus from spreading and safeguard your personnel while minimizing the impact on your mission and operations. Our specialists can educate, equip, and mobilize teams to assist your company, ensuring that all your personnel are kept clean and safe.

Metropolitan Air Filtration has scaled up and invested in numerous important skills to quickly prepare for the needs deriving from the COVID-19 reaction in the next weeks and months, whether it is a rig or your corporate headquarters.

Importance Of Decontamination and Sanitization

We take up germs left by others every time we touch something while out collecting necessities like food or medical supplies. Because persons infected with the virus may not display symptoms for days, they may unwittingly transfer the infection to every surface they touch and every location they visit.

When we come into contact with a contaminated surface, the germs we take up are transmitted to our homes, placing us and our family at risk of getting COVID-19. Professional decontamination and sanitization services are the most efficient approach to clean our house or workplace fast and maintain a healthy atmosphere for our family and employees.

Our Cleaning and Sanitization Services

We will collaborate with your team to establish the best strategies for ensuring that your facilities are not only safe but also clean beyond industry standards. Based on your company’s specific demands, you may add to the cleaning frequency and/or priority areas using our software. And, if necessary, we may dispatch more personnel to specified locations.

Decontamination Services by Us

Our decontamination staff have received extensive training, enabling them to work safely and efficiently. Decontamination services are provided for solitary spaces, low-use rooms, office floors, and kitchens where other procedures may be difficult to implement.

When are we able to assist you?

Business continuity

The key to your company’s survival is continuous monitoring and prevention. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for COVID-19 are followed by our cleaning methods. Hiring Metropolitan Air Filtration to provide regular, frequent decontamination and sanitization services to emphasize infection control is a proactive way to protect your facilities.

“Back In Business” Service

You want to be ready to proclaim that you are prepared and back in business once companies take a break to assist your community’s public health efforts and the green light is turned on. We provide decontamination and sanitization to the whole facility, hand-wiping disinfecting all high-touch areas and, if necessary, disinfecting fogging with our food-safe agency.

Why Metropolitan Air Filtration?

Expertise in Compliance

For impacted establishments, we have updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) to the CDC’s COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines. Our staff has the experience and understanding to customize compliant decontamination and sanitization services to your facility’s, customers’, and stakeholders’ demands. We will ensure that all of the sanitizing and decontamination recommendations have been followed.

Materials and Training

Experienced housekeeping and aseptic cleaning professionals make up part of our team. We have been trained in specialized processes for thorough cleaning, decontamination and sanitization, and sophisticated decontamination services. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to all personnel, and they are instructed on how to utilize it properly.

Extensive Vendor Network

Our wide supply chain will assist us in obtaining the cleaning materials and chemicals required for decontamination and sanitization facilities, thanks to years of solid industry partnerships. We can more efficiently deploy resources to fulfill clients’ demands regardless of scale since we can stock and refresh our warehouses with needed equipment and supplies in the needed numbers.