Canopy Cleaning Services

Canopy Cleaning Services

In a commercial kitchen, canopy range hoods provide several advantages. They enhance air quality, reduce kitchen odours, regulate heat and steam, save daily cleaning time, and provide lighting. They make cooking more convenient and the workplace more pleasurable. Simultaneously, they gather grease and other contaminants over time. Therefore canopy cleaning is important.

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Canopy cleaning and maintenance are critical for smoke and fire control. It’s also one of the regulations that must be followed in commercial kitchens. It should be done by competent specialists regularly at predetermined intervals. We clean the interior and outside of commercial kitchen canopy range hoods, eliminating both visible and invisible filth. Our skilled technicians utilize specialized equipment to remove any grease, fat, and oil buildups from your canopy rangehood, leaving it clean and looking excellent.

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While the exterior of your canopy rangehood may appear to be clean, what you can’t see is typically the most dangerous part. Grease, oil, and filth may all build up within the canopy rangehood of your kitchen. They might not be seen right away. All of these factors can leave residues in your canopy over time, reducing its efficacy and look.

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Fortunately, regular maintenance and cleaning from a reputable commercial canopy cleaning company, like Metropolitan Air Filtration, can keep your kitchen canopy rangehood operating (and looking) at its best. You will receive a compliance certificate when the cleaning service is complete. Until the next scheduled cleaning, you can rest certain that your kitchen canopy rangehood is clean, safe, and performing at it’s best.

Why You Should hire a Canopy Cleaning Company?

If you work in the commercial food industry, you should think about hiring a kitchen canopy cleaning service. Cleaning the space where you cook and prepare meals may not be your cup of tea, even if you have perfected the art of cooking for your clients.

A clean kitchen includes more than just a swept floor, a well-organized work table, clean cooking appliances, and a dry sink area. It’s possible that dirt, dust, soot, and grease aren’t readily apparent. They’ve gotten themselves lodged and buried in the canopy hood,  filters, ducts, exhaust fans, and even the ceiling. To be honest, your general kitchen staff might not be able to clean these places as per the compliance. Even if you allow them to take a week or two to complete the work & hence you need the best canopy cleaning and maintenance service to make your kitchen fully clean and easy to use.

Why You Should prefer CaNopy cleaning by Us over Others?

You will undoubtedly receive the following advantages if you hire Metropolitan Air Filtration.


In some cases you may need to close the shop when cleaning portions of your kitchen, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in a long time. It will ensure that the food you make is free of infection. We can have the job done quickly with the help of our best canopy cleaning staff who have got years of experience. This permits you to reopen your business after a short period. It will also save you money on repairs that may be required due to untrained cleaners or a normal wear and tear.

Superior Cleaning

No one does it better than our trained cleaning professionals, who have been doing this work for a very long period of time. They also have the appropriate PPE, tools and other job specific requirements.

Damage Prevention

Your exhaust and canopy hood may be damaged by inexperienced cleaners. Our kitchen canopy cleaners have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to thoroughly clean the canopy while avoiding any damage to your property.

Eliminating Fire Hazards

A filthy kitchen is a fire threat as well as a health issue. The grease deposits that have collected in the canopy hood, ducts, and other locations, might cause a fire. We at Metropolitan Air Filtration can help you identify these issues and provide recommendations for possible remedies.